WinPLC-Analyzer is an all-in-one tool for analysis and troubleshooting of PLC-based control systems. With WinPLC-Analyzer you can record and analyse all digital or analogue signals connected to the PLC, so that you can detect hidden issues in the PLC program logic, wiring, device failures, and so on.

WinPLC-Analyzer is an easy-to-use software tool for a wide variety of applications, just to name a few:

  • Troubleshooting: find the root cause of hidden issues, especially useful in case of failures occurring irregularly
  • Commissioning: inspect the correctness of the electrical wirings
  • Defect proofing: record and document proof of defects
  • Process improvement: detect inefficiencies in the control system.

WinPLC-Analyzer is compatible with all Simatic S7 (S7-300/400/1200/1500) and S5 (90U, 95U,...155U) series PLC-s, and all signal types (input, output, flags, data, timer, counter) can be recorded and evaluated.

You can insert custom triggers into the S7-STL code, then you can use this trigger to control the recording or display user messages called by the trigger event (for instance "Compressor unexpected shut-down").

It is also possible to define a "Snapshot": if a trigger event is raised, the current system state will be saved (current values of selected signals) at the time the trigger event occurred.

In case of unexpected PLC stops, WinPLC-Analyzer also saves the content of the "I STACK" so that you can find the root cause of the stop, even days later than it occurred. 

There are 3 recording types available:

  1. Online recording scan-exact: WinPLC-Analyzer needs to be connected to the PLC during recording. The signal values are recorded once in every scan interval (the sampling rate is user defined in ms).
  2. Online recording cyclic-exact (only for S7-300/400): WinPLC-Analyzer needs to be connected to the PLC during the recording. Every single signal edge is recorded in each program cycles. (For this recording type a short program need to be transferred into the PLC.) 
  3. Offline recording (only for S7-300/400): WinPLC-Analyzer is not connected to the PLC during recording. After the recording is finished, the results can be transferred and analysed in WinPLC-Analyzer. 

The license of WinPLC-Analyzer includes all necessary software drivers (RS232, MPI, Netlink-Pro, TCP/IP, Simatic-Net), so that you can connect to a real S7 or S5 PLC without any additional software or drivers. However, in case of Siemens specific MPI/DP adapters the necessary drivers need to be installed additionally.

The latest version of the software is WinPLC-Analyzer V3.

WinPLC-Analyzer V3 main features:

  • All-in-one signal analysis and debugging tool for Simatic S7 and S5 PLC-s
  • Record all kind of digital/analogue signals: input, output, data, flags, timer, counter
  • Online recording scan-exact or cyclic exact
  • Offline recording without any PC connected
  • All necessary drivers included to connect to S7 and S5 PLC-s
  • Use your existing Siemens adapter (if the proper driver is installed)
  • Create event-based triggers inside the STL code, that raise custom user messages or SMS notification
  • Export the recorded data as CSV file
  • Simatic Field PG is fully supported
  • Record multiple PLC-s at the same time
  • Routing is supported: connect to PLC-s that are in different networks
  • Snapshot of the system state is saved at a trigger event, including the current signal values
  • Diagnostic stack is saved with timestamp in case of PLC stop
  • Simple user interface with built-in tips about the next recommended diagnostic action

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Which PLC models are supported by WinPLC-Analyzer?  A: WinPLC-Analyzer supports all PLC-s from Simatic S7 (S7-300/400/1200/1500) and S5 (90U, 95U,...155U) product families, as well as VIPA controllers (100V, 200V, 300S).

Q: How can I receive my WinPLC-Analyzer?  A: First simply download the free demo version from this page. Then after we receive your order, we send you a serial number in email. With that serial number you can easily upgrade your demo version to full version.

Q: Which languages can be selected in WinPLC-Analyzer? A: The following languages are available: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian (Chinese language is coming next).

Q: Under which operation systems can WinPLC-Analyzer run? A: The software can run reliably under Windows 10 (32/64 bit), Windows 8 (32/64 bit), Windows 7 (32/64 bit), Windows XP (32 bit). All these operation systems are supported in Home/Pro/Ultimate editions.

Download the free demo version of WinPLC-Analyzer V3