Other Hardware Modules


Telecontrol converter for pulse-code and pulse-length modulated protocols.

IPCOMM's protocol converters are equipped with RS232 interfaces which allow only asynchronous data traffic. A telecontrol transformer (TCT) can be used for coupling other protocols (for instance bit synchronous or pulse length modulated protocols).

The TCT is equipped with a µ controller responsible for converting data from or into the asynchronous format. The TCT does not assume a higher protocol function, telegrams are transformed on a one-to-one basis.

In order to prevent delays in receiving or transmitting, the connection towards the protocol converter operates at very high baud rates. Data transfer does not occur after a complete telegram has been received, but in smaller data blocks during reception.

The TCT is fitted with a serial RS232 interface in both directions as a standard. The serial interface towards the communication terminal equipment has been electrically isolated.



Channel switch for coupling of two redundant devices to one communication line.

For protocol converters in redundant operation, maximum uptime is ensured with the hot standby method. This means only one of the two devices is active at any time. The passive device monitors the active one and if the active one fails, the passive one automatically steps in and resumes communication.

The currently active protocol converter then sends a defined signal string to the channel switch initiating the switchover.

All communication in control and monitoring direction is then run by the second protocol converter.

Please note that in monitoring direction information is transmitted to both the active and passive protocol converters, irrespective of the position of the channel switch.


RS-232 Isolator

4 kV isolated RS-232 transceiver for the protection against external influences in compliance with the standard IEC 61850-3.

The RS-232 Isolator protects your equipment against external influences in substations such as ESD, Surge, Burst in compliance with the standard IEC 61850-3. The used RS-232 transceivers have 15 kV ESD protection.

The RS-232 interface is galvanically isolated (up to 4 kV) between interface and telecontrol line (in the direction of RTU or control station). This is implemented with state of the art iCoupler®-technology. The monolithic air core transformers allow significantly higher data rates and insulation voltage than optocoupler, for example.

Operation as well as send and receiving activities are displayed by means of three LEDs. As an active device the RS-232 isolator can also be used as repeater to bridge longer distances. The operating voltage is 24V DC.

The device is designed to work stand-alone as well as with multiple isolators connected in series and supplied by a common 24 V port.


You can find further information about these hardware modules in the product datasheets: