SINNEO at WMC 2018 新络智能在WMC 2018

The World Manufacturing Convention (WMC) 2018 was the biggest event ever organized in Hefei, visited by over 200 foreign enterprises from the manufacturing sector, and their estimated 2500-3000 domestic counterparts.


WMC 2018 was convened by the The Global Alliance of SMEs – GASME – to discuss the key elements of the manufacturing revolution underway and evaluate their impact, to explore the policies and initiatives that will allow countries and corporations to leverage the new immense opportunities created by this industrial revolution and to manage the challenges that it is creating.

WMC 2018由全球中小企业联盟(GASME)召开,对制造业革命的关键要素进行了讨论,并评估其影响, 探讨相关的政策和举措,使国家和企业能在新工业革命中获得更多的机遇,同时应对其带来的挑战。

The WMC also provided a privileged framework for promoting closer global cooperation, efficient exchanges of views and expertise. It offered the participants an opportunity for creating new business relationships and for matchmaking between Chinese and foreign manufacturers.


The keynote speeches were presented by prominent personalities, such as:

主要发言人 例如:

Ban Ki-Moon (潘基文): the Eighth Secretary-General of the United Nations  联合国第八任秘书长

Christian Wulff (克里斯蒂安·伍尔夫): Global Chairman of GASME and Former President of Federal Republic of Germany  GASME公司的全球主席、前德意志联邦共和国总统

Jean-Pierre Raffarin (让-皮埃尔·拉法兰): Global Advisor of GASME and Former Prime Minister of France  GASME的全球顾问,法国前总理

Carlos Magarinos (卡洛斯·马格里诺斯): Former UNIDO Director General  联合国工业发展组织前任总干事。

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