Microsoft Excel and Siemens PLC: the beginning of a beautiful friendship!


We are excited to share, that the widely popular software tool, PLCDataSuite is now available to the China market!


Thanks to our newly established partnership with the German industrial IT expert MB Software und Systeme GmbH, from now on SINNEO handles the distribution and service support of this unique software product within Mainland China.

由于我们与德国工业IT专家MB Software und Systeme GmbH公司建立了新的合作关系,从现在起,新络智能将负责在中国大陆地区提供这款独特软件产品的分销和服务支持。

PLCDataSuite offers a simple and cost-effective way to read and write Excel files with a Siemens Simatic PLC. The easy-to-use graphical programming interface allows you to get the results you need quickly.


With PLCDataSuite you can implement recipe management with XLSX files or save machine settings in CSV files. In addition, you can create quality certificates for QA audits based on a template file, also including your own company logos and design elements.


To put this all to practice, you do not need any additional software applications: no need for OPC servers, WinCC or even Excel license!


Plenty of applications can be realized with PLCDataSuite:

  1. Recording of process quality data in Excel files
  2. Production and machine data analysis
  3. Direct data coupling between ERP and PLC
  4. Configuration of machines and production lines
  5. Backup and restore machine settings
  6. Recipe management via Excel files

and many more…


  1. 在Excel文件中记录工艺质量数据
  2. 生产和设备数据分析
  3. ERP与PLC之间的直接数据联结
  4. 机器和生产线的配置
  5. 备份和还原机器设置
  6. 通过Excel文件进行配方管理


Read more about the unique features of PLCDataSuite, or contact us to receive your free of charge trial version of the software!



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