Digital twin in 2D?! Yes, with the new PLC-Lab!


We are excited to share, that our new PLC software product, PLC-Lab has been released and available for purchase!


If you find the PLC program troubleshooting capabilities of PLCSIM too limited, and 3D virtual machine environments way too overwhelming, then PLC-Lab is just the right simulation and debugging tool for you.

如果您觉得PLCSIM的PLC程序故障排除能力过于有限,而3D虚拟机环境又过于复杂,那么PLC- lab正是一款超级适合您的模拟仿真调试工具。

With PLC-Lab you can create a virtual version of an automation machine in 2D, and connect this digital twin to a real Siemens PLC or to a software PLC. That allows you to conveniently perform functional simulation of your control program and you can detect hidden bugs in it, without the risks of testing it on the real physical system.

使用PLC- lab,您可以创建一个虚拟版本的2D自动化机器,并将这个数字孪生连接到一个真正的西门子PLC或软件PLC上。这样您可以方便地对控制程序执行功能进行模拟,并且可以检测到其中隐藏的bug,而无需在实际物理系统上测试它。

In RUN-mode this simplified digital twin exchanges I/O signals with a (SW or HW) PLC real-time, therefore it behaves just as prescribed by the PLC program. This way, the control program can be thoroughly tested in its complete functionality.

在运行模式下,这种简化的数字孪生与一个(软件或硬件) PLC实时交换I/O信号,因此它的行为就像PLC程序所规定的。通过这种方式,控制程序就可以在其完整的功能中进行彻底的测试。

Why do you need PLC-Lab?

  • Easy and quick setup of a simplified digital twin in 2D
  • Validate costly or hazardous automation scenarios without assembling the real physical system – commissioning time greatly reduced!
  • Ideal for education of PLC-related subjects
  • The rich object library makes it possible to create any sort of virtual machines
  • Compatible with all Siemens S7 PLCs, as well as with the PLCSIM software PLC
  • Build your own library with frequently used devices
  • Modern UI with vector-oriented design – no quality loss by zoom-in
  • Fills the gap between a basic test with S7-PLCSIM and a complicated simulation with a 3D digital twin


  • 简单快速的设置一个简化的2D数字孪生
  • 验证昂贵或危险的自动化场景,而不装配真正的物理系统--调试时间大大减少!
  • 非常适用于PLC相关学科的教学
  • 丰富的物体库使创建任何类型的虚拟机成为可能
  • 兼容所有西门子S7 PLC,以及PLCSIM软件PLC
  • 用于常用设备构建自己的物体库
  • 现代的用户界面与使用矢量的设计--放大不会造成质量损失
  • 填补了S7-PLCSIM的基本测试和3D数字孪生的复杂模拟之间的空白


PLC-Lab is an ideal tool for the education of PLC-related subjects, as well as a valuable test software for any PLC-programmer in automation and machine building industries.


On the occasion of this new product launch, we are glad to offer an “early-bird” discount: till 30. April 2019 all editions of PLC-Lab are available with 20% discount!

新品发布之际,我们提供优惠的 “早鸟价”:2019430日,所有版本的PLCLab均打8折!

Do not hesitate to check out the introduction video of PLC-Lab, and give the demo version a try free of charge: LINK to PLC-LAB



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