How about machine performance data with zero investment?


Let’s think about the following imaginary (or rather realistic? ;) ) scenario.

让我们想象一下下面这个虚构的(或者说是现实的? ;) )的场景。

You have a mission-critical production asset in your workshop, that has started to “behave strangely” lately. Its throughput fell below the usual value, and the completion time for a batch of products seems to increase gradually in the last few weeks. Product deliveries are delayed, customers start to complain, but no free capacities available to boost production throughput.


The production engineers investigated the issue several times by watching the operation of the machine, but did not notice anything abnormal or unusually long downtimes.


You realize you needed a real-time performance monitoring system with automatic data collection, otherwise it is hopeless to find out the root cause of the issue.


But such a system is costly and will not fit into this year’s budget… And even the purchase gets approved it will take months to find a suitable supplier and deploy the system, but this issue simply can’t wait that long, need a solution ASAP…


Okay, so how about some automatically recorded, detailed machine performance data on your hand within days, with (very close to) zero investment…?

That’s exactly what our new mobileOEE solution was designed for!



mobileOEE is a unique rental service for measuring the real OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) of production equipment.


The solution is based on a mobile measurement device, which can be connected to any shop floor machine within minutes, and ready to record time-series OEE data.


The goal of the mobileOEE service is to provide real machine performance data to manufacturers, without the cost and hassle of installing a stationary monitoring system.



Major Benefits  主要优势

  • The rental period is freely selectable based on the production timetable (from 1 day to months)


  • Gain insights quickly and with nearly zero investment into the real machine performance


  • Comprehensive report is provided free of charge at the end of the rental period


  • Identify process bottlenecks and collect data to support investment decisions (ROI calculation)



Measurement Report  测量报告

At the end of the rental period, a comprehensive measurement report is provided free of charge:


  • 100% of the recorded data points (in Excel format)


  • Detailed charts visualizing the OEE values (Availability/Performance /Quality)


  • Breakdown by machine / work shift / product / operator, etc.


  • Analysis of the machine downtime reasons


  • Key findings and suggestions for improvement



If Your workshop also ran into such “imaginary” scenario and need real machine OEE data, let’s talk! :-)

如果您的生产车间也遇到了这样的“假想”场景,并且需要设备的实际OEE数据,那么让我们开始讨论吧! :-)

(The detailed technical specifications of the mobileOEE device can be found here: LINK-to-mobileOEE)



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