Protocol conversion – why not do it differently?


For our shop floor data collection projects we often meet the challenge to connect different process equipment to IT systems (MES, SCADA, cloud applications, etc.). As these assets communicate via different industrial protocols, we had to apply a wide range of gateway devices in our projects to convert these protocols to other ones.


That is why we have been wondering if there would be another, more flexible and configurable way for dealing with all the protocol conversion tasks, without having to invest in a bunch of rigid protocol gateways for each and every protocol, and without the need for costly OPC software to process the collected data tags.


And then we discovered a totally different protocol conversion concept from the German IPCOMM GmbH that immediately caught our attention. The IPCOMM gateways rely on a unique data conversion concept called ipConv, where data is converted from a protocol-specific to a standardized protocol-independent representation and back again. It offers the highest degree of flexibility and modular expansion allowing decoupling of different protocols.

然后我们发现了一个与德国的IPCOMM GmbH完全不同的协议转换概念,立即引起了我们的注意。IPCOMM网关依赖于一个称为ipConv的独特的数据转换概念,在这个概念中,数据从特定于协议的形式转换为标准化的独立于协议的表示形式,然后再转换回来。它提供了最高程度的灵活性和模块化扩展,允许解耦不同的协议

Simply put, this concept allows to flexibly configure which protocol stacks are applied on one gateway, and how the data transmission is executed. And, thanks to the complete decoupling of protocols with respect to data transmission methods and information representation, one single gateway can connect multiple communication networks.


For instance, one individual gateway can collect data from a Profibus, a Modbus and an Indactic 33 network, and write all the data tags into an SQL database without OPC middleware!

例如,一个单独的网关可以从Profibus、Modbus和Indactic 33网络采集数据,并在没有OPC中间件的情况下将所有数据点写入SQL数据库!

As we investigated further the ipConv concept in practice, we became certain that this is the most universally applicable protocol converter solution on the market, and that it greatly simplifies our shop floor connectivity projects.  


Besides us there are plenty of other system integrators in China who struggle with the same challenge about protocol conversion, so with IPCOMM together we decided to make these gateway products available in China, with local distribution and technical support.


We are excited to share, that from now on in China SINNEO takes on the responsibility for marketing, distribution, import, technical support and after-sales service for the unique protocol converter gateway solutions from IPCOMM!


We are very enthusiastic about the ipConv gateways based on our own experience, and we really recommend trying them if you meet protocol conversion challenges in your projects.


Find more information and plenty of materials for download on our website: LINK-to-WEBSITE


Or check out the list of the already available, over 50 different industrial protocols (further protocols upon request):  LINK-to-PROTOCOLS


Feel free to contact us if you need someone to collect shop floor data for you, but also if you can handle it yourself just missing a flexible protocol converter gateway for the task!



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