IIE Suzhou event summary


Mission accomplished: this year’s Suzhou Industrial Intelligence Exhibition is over, let’s have a short look back at it.


The largest exhibitors were clearly the machining suppliers (CNC, laser, etc.), while the small booths presented all possible industrial products from CNC tools, via servo drives to barcode scanners. Surprisingly there were just a handful of “real” smart technology providers present (we were not that sad about it, that means less competition ;) ), including a few MES software companies.

最大的参展商显然是机械加工供应商(CNC、激光等),而小展台展示所有可能的工业产品,从加工工具,通过伺服驱动器到条形码扫描仪。令人惊讶的是,只有少数“真正的”智能技术提供商(我们对此并不感到难过,这意味着竞争更少 ;) ),包括一些MES软件公司。

Despite the seemingly lower number of event visitors this time, our unique live demo made sure to gather around plenty of people, curious about our two highlights:


  • mobileOEE data acquisition device as a rental service (more details coming in the next newsletter): the device collected simulated machine I/O signals and performed some simple data processing tasks, while recording the data tags on its local SD card.


  • IPCOMM protocol converter gateways: an ipConvLite/SEC3 gateway collected real-time OEE data (cycle time, downtime, OEE, availability, performance, etc.) from the mobileOEE device via Modbus TCP protocol, and logged it into an MSSQL database, without OPC or any other middleware. Then the data was queried from the database (simple T-SQL query) and displayed in various dashboards.

IPCOMM协议转换网关:ipConvLite/SEC3型号的网关通过Modbus TCP协议从mobileOEE设备采集了实时OEE数据(周期时间、停机时间、OEE、可用性、性能等),并将其记录到MSSQL数据库中,不需要OPC或任何其他中间件。然后从数据库查询数据(用于简单的T-SQL查询)并显示在各种仪表板中。

With a successful exhibition behind us, it's time to work on turning the freshly made contacts into long-term partnerships!


We would like to say thank you to all our partners who visited our booth at IIE Suzhou, and we look forward to drive on the fruitful collaboration!



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