The new GRAFCET-Studio becomes a universal IoT programming tool


We are glad to inform that the new version of GRAFCET-Studio ( is going to be released on 7.12.2018 and it extends the list of supported devices with:


  • Raspberry Pi
  • Siemens IOT2020, IOT2040
  • Revolution Pi.

The owners of GRAFCET-Studio can upgrade to the new version without any additional fees.


The new GRAFCET-Engine has been migrated to Python V3, that means it supports all hardware devices which are able to run Python!  From now on GRAFCET-Studio communicates with the GRAFCET-Engine via MQTT protocol, thus the controllers can be programmed either locally or via the Internet.

新GRAFCET-Engine已经迁移到Python V3,这意味着它支持所有能够运行Python的硬件设备!从现在开始,GRAFCET-Studio通过MQTT协议与GRAFCET-Engine通信,因此控制器可以在本地编程,也可以在互联网上编程。

A complete list of the devices now supported by GRAFCET-Studio:


  • Siemens S7-300/400 PLCs
  • Siemens S7-1200/1500 PLCs
  • Arduino Due
  • Raspberry Pi
  • IOT2020 and IOT2040 from Siemens
  • …any other device that can utilize the Python programming language.


The mentioned IoT devices are supported by the Pro IoT-Edition and the Pro-Edition of GRAFCET-Studio.

这些物联网设备由GRAFCET-Studio的Pro- IoT版和Pro版支持。

Please note, that the Pro IoT-Edition is now available for only 851 RMB (excl. VAT)! (Regarding other editions of GRAFCET-Studio please send an inquiry to us.)

请注意,Pro IoT版现在只需要851人民币(不含增值税)!(关于GRAFCET-Studio的其他版本,请向我们询价。)

You can find more information about GRAFCET-Studio and our other smart software tools on the SINNEO website (EN/CN languages), here you can also download a limited demo version of the software:



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