SINNEO joined the DUSA community


SINNEO Smart Technologies has lately been registered as one of the corporate members of DUSA European Association Suzhou.       

新络智能最近成为了DUSA European Association Suzhou(苏州欧洲商会)的注册成员企业之一。

DUSA (Deutsche Unternehmen Suzhou Association) was founded in 2002, by a group of German enterprises operating in Suzhou. In 2007 numerous non-German companies joined DUSA, thus that time the association was renamed to DUSA European Association Suzhou.

DUSA(Deutsche Unternehmen Suzhou Association 德国企业苏州协会)成立于2002年,是由在苏州经营的一群德国企业创立的。2007年,许多非德国企业加入了DUSA,因此该协会被重新命名为DUSA苏州欧洲商会。

The goal of DUSA is to provide its member companies information and competence, collaboration and pooling, and networking opportunities (business, social).


The mission of DUSA summarized: “Be a trusted platform for companies with European business interests in and around Suzhou by providing information & competence, enabling cross company collaboration, pooling of interests and fostering of networking to allow, particularly our SME members, to stay on top in an ever changing, very dynamic environment.”


DUSA organizes 4 events in average every month, and currently has over 130 members. Its member enterprises include global groups (SIEMENS, KNORR-BREMSE, Endress+Hauser, and so forth) as well as SMEs.


SINNEO is proud to be the first Hungarian member of the DUSA community, and we look forward to the networking and collaboration opportunities provided by this well-established association.



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