Program any CODESYS-based controllers in one platform!


We are glad to announce, that the latest version of GRAFCET-Studio (v1.1.0.1) enables to program any CODESYS V3 -based controllers with the straightforward GRAFCET method!

我们很高兴地宣布,最新版本的GRAFCET-Studio(v1.1.0.1)能够使用简单的GRAFCET方法(顺序功能图)编程任何基于CODESYS V3的控制器

According to the CODESYS Device Directory, this includes hundreds of different devices from different brands, such as WAGO, EATON, Schneider Electric, etc.

根据CODESYS 设备目录,这包括数百种不同品牌的设备,如WAGO、伊顿、施耐德电气等。

For the implementation the new GRAFCET-Engine is provided as a “Compiled Library”, which can be requested directly from us.


With this latest release, GRAFCET-Studio becomes the only universal programming platform for an extremely broad range of devices:


  • Siemens S7 PLC-s: S7-300/400/1200/1500
  • Siemens IOT2000
  • Raspberry Pi and other Python-based IoT devices
  • CODESYS V3 -based controllers

You can find all information about the new CODESYS support on MHJ-Wiki:



As there is a free-of-charge 30 days demo version available for GRAFCET-Studio, you can simply download it from our website: GRAFCET-Studio download.


The owners of GRAFCET-Studio can upgrade to the new version without any additional fees.



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