Year-end thoughts and best wishes from SINNEO Smart Technologies


It has been an incredible “kick-off” year for SINNEO in China, and we are more than thankful to all our customers, colleagues, suppliers and other partners who supported our mission in the previous year.


In 2018 we established the Suzhou entity of our business, started an exclusive dealership with MHJ-Software, received tremendous support and knowledge from our R&D “idea factory”, the Com-Forth Team, and setup the unique partnership of Adaptive Automation Solutions (AAS) with Sains Automation and Xin San He Industrial Control Systems.


By now our first smart factory projects are being rolled out in China, and the software tools supplied to our local integrator partners are in daily use.


What’s next for 2019? In February we are going to launch a new automation software product by MHJ-Software, we take the role as the China distributor of a German industrial software provider, and we plan to extend our portfolio with unique Industry 4.0 services. We cannot share more details for now, stay tuned!


Finally, we have prepared a special Christmas offer to our customers: till 6th of January 2019 the Pro-IoT version of GRAFCET-Studio is available with 20% discount, while all other GRAFCET-Studio versions get 10% off from the list price. We hope to support the IoT experiments of students, start-up companies and hobby makers by providing an easy device programming tool without the need for any coding. (Available for any IoT devices which support the Python programming language: Arduino Due, Raspberry Pi, Revolution Pi, Siemens IOT2000, etc.)

最后,我们为客户准备了一个特别的圣诞优惠:截止到2019年1月6日,GRAFCET-Studio Pro-IoT版本可以得到20%的折扣,而所有其他的GRAFCET-Studio版本都可以得到10%的折扣。我们希望通过提供一个简单的设备编程工具来支持学生、创业公司和业余爱好者的物联网实验,而不需要任何编码。(适用于任何支持Python语言的物联网设备:Arduino Due、Raspberry Pi、Revolution Pi、Siemens IOT2000等。)


The SINNEO Team wishes You and your families a peaceful and relaxing Christmas, and a prosperous New Year!


(The photo displays the Christmas market in Budapest, “hometown” of SINNEO Smart Technologies.)



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