Interview on magazine 接受匈牙利Autopro.Hu在线杂志采访 is Hungary's most relevant online media about the auto industry, its target audience includes car OEMs as well as all participants in the automotive supply chain.

Autopro.hu是匈牙利最具影响力的汽车行业在线媒体, 其目标受众包括汽车制造商以及汽车供应链中的所有参与者。

The main topic of the interview was about the possibilities/challenges European companies face when look for ways doing business in China.


Karoly Szalai also answered questions about the principal differences in business culture and development speed between Hungary and China.

Karoly Szalai也回答了匈牙利和中国在商业文化和发展速度上的主要差异。


Here is the link to the complete interview (in Hungarian language):


Autopro Interview

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