SINNEO, Xin San He and Sains announce to form Adaptive Automation Solutions

新络智能、鑫三合及赛恩斯宣布形成Adaptive Automation Solutions

The three technology companies SINNEO Smart Technologies Co., Ltd., Xin San He Industrial Control System (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. and its parent company Xiamen Sains Automation System Co., Ltd. have entered into a definitive agreement for a strategic partnership, under the name Adaptive Automation Solutions (AAS).

这三家科技企业,苏州新络智能技术有限公司、鑫三合工业控制系统(苏州)有限公司及厦门赛恩斯自动化系统有限公司已经签订了一份战略合作协议,名为“Adaptive Automation Solutions自适应自动化解决方案”(AAS)。

AAS is a unique collaboration between SINNEO, Xin San He and Sains, that enables them to be the partner of choice for manufacturers looking for Industry 4.0 driven automation solutions.


This partnership leverages the member companies’ experience, resources and industry know-how, and it creates a joint framework to offer complex, one-stop-shop smart manufacturing solutions to all industries served.


Xin San He and Sains possess expertise in industrial control system design and commissioning, while SINNEO is a professional manufacturing IT provider. We are convinced, that the different skillsets of the AAS member companies perfectly complement each other, thus we can offer optimal turn-key solutions and services for smart factory implementations.


A typical example of application for AAS is the implementation of MES (Manufacturing Execution System) in manufacturing: our customers can benefit from the industrial communication experience of Xin San He (setup shopfloor communication network, collect the required machine/production data), and the manufacturing software domain expertise from SINNEO (historian databases, MES module development, interface to ERP systems).


We are excited about the new partnership and the opportunities that AAS provides, and we believe that working together, SINNEO, Xin San He and Sains are in the best position to help you achieve increased shopfloor connectivity and productivity, heightened plant efficiency, and reduced operational risk.



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