Customized MES Systems

An MES (Manufacturing Execution System) is the backbone for Industry 4.0. Today even SMEs (small medium enterprises) have to face the market pressure to make their manufacturing processes more transparent and gain overview of all operations in a central platform. However, the daily production pain points differ for each factory, therefore the implemented MES functionalities and modules should be tailored to the actual necessities.

SINNEO provides customized MES solutions according to the exact specifications given by our customers. The system development is done in close cooperation with our proven engineering partner, Com-Forth Ltd.

Com-Forth is a family owned, innovative industrial IT company with a team of over 20 skilled software engineers. Established in 1988 in Budapest, Hungary, Com-Forth serves its global system integrator and manufacturer customer base with over 30 years of industrial IT expertise.


Some characteristics of manufacturing "life" before MES:

Production output: necessary to keep large finished product stock to keep up with the changing order inflow.

Manual processes: high possibility of failures in manual operations, causing low efficiency and high scrap percent.

Machine availability: unplanned downtimes can reduce production capacity even up to 40%.

Product quality: large raw material inventory necessary to compensate for unpredictable output quality.

Production data: process data is not available for analysis, thus output losses and quality issues remain undiscovered.

Process control: inflexible process control pulls back capacity growth.

Energy consumption: growing energy costs affect profitability.


An MES system provides integrated data connection between operators, production machines and products, so that these 3 key elements of the manufacturing process can be monitored and analyzed as a complete system.

It provides real-time information available on any client devices (PC, HMI, smartphone, tablet, etc.) about the current process statuses, clearly summarized in customizable dashboards as defined by the users. The operators, machines and products can directly exchange data between each other, in any relations.

Some practical applications to consider:

  1. Machines: Status and condition Monitoring; OEE and utilization; Production scheduling; Maintenance planning; Downtime registration with root causes; Moulding tool tracking.
  2. Products: Quality monitoring; Material traceability; BOM; Quantity counting; SPC; Scrap routing and reporting; Manual or automatic scrap registration; Finished product tracking.
  3. Operators: Working time scheduling; Operator licenses (which machine is allowed to be operated by which operator); User access rights; Production data assignment to operators (who produced, on which machine, for which order, what quantity, how was the quality, and so on).


Average ROI on MES projects, based on realized applications

Lead time 30% less
Machine utilization 20% more efficient
Production planning time 50% shorter
Reaction time to unexpected changes Minutes instead of days
New project deadlines 100% on time
Process bottlenecks Identified and treated before issues occur
Lack of materials Identified and handled before affecting the production

But where to start...?

Adopting an MES system in manufacturing can be demanding, so where should you start the process?

Some general guidelines:

  • Start with a simple, small-scale project (for instance OEE, process data acquisition, production scheduling, etc.). Focus on solving a real pain point in your production, with real business value.
  • Define a pilot project and follow-up the implementation strictly.
  • Must assign a dedicated project manager or DRI (Directly Responsible Individual).
  • After a successful pilot-project scale up the solution step-by-step to further machines and systems (one machine to production line, production line to production hall, etc.).
  • The ROI of one project can justify and finance the next project, to ensure management's approval.


Do not hesitate to contact us for further information and solution consulting, or check out some of our realized applications.

We are honoured and excited to empower our customers with practical MES tools to solve their every day production issues. We are keen to drive greater value to your business by enabling a smarter, connected way of manufacturing.

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