Link critical processes securely to IT/Cloud/SCADA services.

ip4Cloud is able to extract information from existing systems with critical processes and transmit it to IT applications, cloud services, and SCADA systems for further processing.

Forward-looking manufacturing concepts provide for the connection of previously independent controllers, fieldbus devices, and SCADA systems to each other, as well as to the IT or IoT environment, as investment protection for existing plants/controllers.

ip4Cloud is available in conjunction with the hardware models SEC3, SEC3PB and SEC3IO.


ip4Cloud/SEC3IO extends ip4Cloud by a device with an I/O module to add the feature of switching and capturing digital states and providing them in IT and cloud environments.

In addition to a large number of fieldbus protocols, telecontrol protocols, and established IT/cloud protocols, eight digital inputs and eight digital outputs can be used for recording and reflecting switching states.


ip4Cloud/SEC3PB collects data from Profibus, by listening-in without directly interfering with or disrupting communication, and enables the transmission of obtained data to cloud services, databases and SCADA systems over a wide range of industrial protocols.

Connecting SEC3PB to the Profibus network does not require any change in the configuration of bus devices (PLC, bus terminals, etc.) and has no influence on the bus cycle. Feeding data to the bus is already physically prevented.