Flexible Protocol Converter Solutions

As part of our Shop Floor Data Collection projects, we often receive requests to connect diverse industrial equipment to MES, SCADA or other IT systems. This is mostly not a trivial task as these machines might use plenty of different (standard or proprietary) industrial protocols for communication.

We prefer to solve these issues by deploying the proven protocol converter solutions from IPCOMM.


IPCOMM GmbH is a medium-sized German enterprise located in the city of Nuremberg. Established at the beginning of 2004, the primary focus of IPCOMM is on the development of industrial gateways and inter-network communication solutions.   

Based on their twenty years’ development experience in this field and their wide range of products, IPCOMM is able to offer solutions to almost any communication problem. Over the years they have proven their competence in numerous projects servicing the energy industry, water utilities and gas business around the world, providing turnkey solutions and integrating these solutions into existing systems.


We at SINNEO not only leverage IPCOMM gateways for our own projects, but also proudly collaborate with IPCOMM to represent their products in the Chinese market. SINNEO takes on the responsibility for marketing, distribution, import, technical support and after-sales service for the unique protocol converter gateway solutions from IPCOMM.

We are committed and honored to serve our customers with operation in China, among them are reputable control system integrators, plant engineering firms, manufacturers of automation devices, as well as regional and global energy utility providers.


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