PLCDataSuite offers a simple and cost-effective way to read and write Excel files with a PLC. The easy-to-use graphical programming interface allows you to get the results you need quickly.

With PLCDataSuite you can implement recipe management with Excel files or save machine settings in CSV files. In addition, you can create quality certificates for QA audits based on a template file, also including your own company logos and design elements.

To put this all to practice, you do not need any additional software applications: no need for OPC servers, WinCC or even Excel license!


PLCDataSuite main features:

  • Processes real Excel (XLSX) or CSV files
  • Easy to setup and operate with graphical user interface
  • No additional software required
  • Unlimited number of variables included
  • Compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 10
  • Compatible with all Siemens S7 PLC models with Profinet: e.g. S7-200, S7-300, S7-400, S7-1200, S7-1500, WinAC, Siemens Software Controller, VIPA
  • Excel files with logos, diagrams, formulas, layout, etc. are possible

Plenty of applications can be realized with PLCDataSuite:

  1. Recording of process quality data in Excel files
  2. Production and machine data analysis
  3. Configuration of machines and production lines
  4. Backup and restore machine settings
  5. Recipe management via Excel files

and many more…

ERP integration made simple

With PLCDataSuite, you can connect a machine or production process directly to an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system or any other higher-level enterprise software, without the need to implement any additional system (SCADA, MES, etc.) for data transmission.

This means, that the machine data can also be used in any other areas and departments of the company. In addition, work orders and machine parameters can be downloaded from the ERP directly into the PLC.


Create real Excel files with a PLC

Those days are over when CVS format was the only interface to Excel spreadsheets: PLCDataSuite reads and writes real Excel files in XLSX format! Of course CSV files are also supported if it is required by your application.

Utilize the power of Excel to present important data in diagrams and charts (pie charts, line charts, etc.) All diagrams can be included in tailor-made Excel templates, which can be designed using your company logos, color schemes and other design features.


Full control to your PLC

Due to our innovative trigger concept, the PLC has all power. The PLC program defines which Excel data should be read or written. Furthermore, you have full flexibility when writing the Excel file: design the logging cell by cell, line by line or block by block. Configuration remains very simple thanks to our clear program interface.


Multi-PLC made simple

With the help of our simple configuration center you always maintain a complete overview. The connected PLCs, their connection status and further information are displayed clearly and unambiguously. This way you can manage a large number of S7 PLCs without problems.


PLC simulator and live data view

Thanks to the integrated simulator, you can also configure the software without connecting a PLC. This allows you to prepare and test the configuration in advance before entering the workshop.

The live data view displays the currently read PLC data blocks in real-time. This view differs only slightly from the simulator. In contrast to the simulator, in live data view you cannot write data: only the register values are displayed.


The software suite offers the following editions:



PLCDataReader: read data from a PLC and write it to XLSX or CSV files.

PLCDataReader Lite: light-weight version of the DataReader, with limited functionality for reading out PLC data and writing it to CSV files.

PLCDataWriter: read data from XLSX or CSV files and write it into a PLC.

PLCDataSuite: combines all functions of DataReader and DataWriter, thus data transfer is possible in both directions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Which devices are supported by PLCDataSuite?  A: Siemens S7-200/300/400/1200/1500 PLC-s from the Simatic product family are fully supported, as well as WinAC, Siemens Software Controller and VIPA PLCs.

Q: How can I receive my PLCDataSuite?  A: After we receive your order, we send you a download link for the full version of the software, and also ship a USB dongle. The dongle needs to be connected to your computer whenever you start PLCDataSuite.

Q: Which languages can be selected in PLCDataSuite? A: The following languages are available currently: English, German.

Q: What are the computer system requirements of PLCDataSuite? A: Windows 7/8/10 or Server 2008/2012/2016, dual core CPU, min. 2GB RAM (4GB recommended).

Download the free demo version of PLCDataSuite