SINNEO is your one-stop-shop solution partner when it comes to implement smart manufacturing practices in your facility.

As a professional industrial software provider, SINNEO serves manufacturers and system integrators in China, in various industries from automotive via electronics to pharma.   

In close cooperation with our developer team in Hungary, SINNEO offers a wide range of software solutions following the latest technology trends of Industry 4.0 - from the process field level up to the MES level.

We are here to help you resolve practical pain points in your every day manufacturing operations, amongst others:

How to determine the real OEE of your production equipment and how to improve it?
How to gain overview of all production processes (machine utilization, energy consumption, maintenance, personnel planning, etc.) in a common platform?
How to collect and visualize data from old legacy machinery?
How to ensure 100% monitoring of your critical processes and make sure that process anomalies are detected and handled right away?
How to monitor processes in remote or hazardous locations?
How to verify PLC control program functionality without the risks of online testing?
How to detect the root cause of hidden issues in the automation control system?

...and many more "how to" questions that disturb your manufacturing - check out our Solutions to find the answer to your specific "how to"!

SINNEO - Empowered by Connectivity!

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